Sigma-Aldrich Trademarks To the consortium Sigma-Aldrich also belong the trademarks Sigma® Life Science, Fluka® Analytical, Supelco® Analytical, Aldrich® Chemistry, Aldrich® Materials Science and SAFC® which are all specialized in different product areas.



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The Ajax Finechem product range extends to more than 4000 product lines including ACS grade reagents, high purity acids and solvents for HPLC, GC, Spectroscopy and Pesticide Residue analysis, volumetric solutions, pH buffer solutions ICP & AAS standards, certified ultra pure acids for trace metal analysis and a range of products for specific applications.

BDH chemicals continue to set the standard in quality with regular citations in major scientific journals. Competitively priced, BDH chemicals offer a comprehensive range of laboratory products including analytical and reagent grade chemicals as well as high purity solvents for many chromatographic applications. BDH chemicals are also available in a variety of packaging options to suit your needs.

Acros Organics supplies essential products needed on a daily basis to facilitate research, synthesis, separation or analysis.

Expiring Date - Chemicals CARLO ERBA Reagents indicates an expiring date for all catalogue products. The expiring date is always printed on the label, reporting month and year. These instructions are valid for products kept in sealed packages and properly stored as recommended in the MSDS. After opening, we recommend a quick use of the product, according to the expiring date. The product is guaranteed only if the packages are sealed.

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