Set the standard for quality and superior performance, while protecting your valuable research with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ bottles, carboys and labware. Less likely to break or shatter than glass, Nalgene containers and plastic labware are making your lab a safer place while protecting your valuable work. Nalgene general labware products are available in a wide range of high-quality materials, sizes and configurations to meet your demanding applications.

Azlon® reusable plastics cover a broad range of applications in the modern laboratory, offering more than 800 products, including bottles, wash bottles, measuring cylinders, jugs and beakers.

Polyethylene water and chemicals tank , offer with different sizes and colors.

VITLAB is a leading manufacturer of liquid handling instruments and plastic laboratory products worldwide. High class laboratory devices are developed and manufactured in our own production facilities.

Perform precise dispensing of volumes from 20 to 400μL by using Samco Exact Volume Transfer Pipettes. Made of shatterproof, nontoxic polyethylene.

Plastic containers, Bottles, Pails, Plastic Drums.

BOECO catalogue which will demonstrate our complete line of laboratory equipment and articles.

The production of high quality, safe and reliable design products with low environmental impact and which are recyclable. This is the challenge that Kartell is called upon to come to grips with as protagonist in the coming years.

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